Posted by: Karlo Bartels | 2009/11/03

Suspending package validation

Once in a while I deal with very large SSIS packages. Opening such packages in Visual Studio takes a considerable amount of time, because the package is immediately validated upon opening. Very annoying if all you want to do is peek at a specific setting or connection…

The bad news is that there is no built-in method in Visual Studio to suspend package validation. The good news is, however, that you can speed-up the process by working offline, which will stop SSIS from validating the metadata associated with data flow sources and destinations.

Follow these steps to quickly open large packages:

  1. Open the SSIS solution in Visual Studio, but do not open any package yet.
  2. In the SSIS toolbar, click Work Offline.
  3. Open a package.

As a result of these steps validation will be suspended until you disable the Work Offline option.

Please note that each dataflow in the package will now report an error (validation errors occurred). These errors will disappear if you disable the Work Offline option and build the package (or close and re-open it).



  1. Looks like you are a true pro. Did ya study about the matter? hrhr

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